Affordable analog recording is becoming a rare commodity in the modern age. To address this, Mosaic Studios seeks to not only accommodate a modern digital workflow, but an entirely analog workflow as well. With a fully discrete, class A Studer 189 console and fully discrete 3M M56 reel-to-reel tape machine at the center of the studio, as well as several computers equipped with nearly every major DAW, Mosaic Studios can offer any combination of analog and digital recording desired.

A wide range of studio services are offered, including tracking, mixing, mastering, digital orchestration, and music advising/editing. With over fifteen years of engineering experience, nine years of academic training, and equipped with some of the best vintage and modern recording gear, amps, software, and sample libraries available, Mosaic Studios aims at achieving the absolute highest quality result in all of the offered services.

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Offered Services & Rates:

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  • In-Studio Tracking with Engineer: $45/hr

Several acoustically treated spaces, built to accommodate 6+ simultaneous players, are available for simultaneous or individual vocal or instrument tracking with fully independent headphone mixes. Many high quality and hand-picked instruments, including several acoustic and electric guitars, a complete and wide-ranging collection of vintage and modern guitar amps, and a number of high quality electronic instruments and samples are available for use during tracking for no extra charge.
All music featured on the
Artists page was tracked, mixed, and mastered at Mosaic Studios, unless otherwise noted.


  • Mixing: 1-3 Instruments or Vocal Parts - $150

4-7 Instruments or Vocal Parts - $200

8-11 Instruments or Vocal Parts - $250

12-15 Instruments or Vocal Parts - $300

16+ Instruments or Vocal Parts - Contact For Quote

Mosaic Studios has strong proficiency in Magix Samplitude (the preferred DAW at Mosaic Studios), Presonus Studio One, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Adobe Audition, Reaper, and Ableton Live, and can receive individual stems from any DAW or source, or projects from any of the above DAWs. Mixing services implement some of the finest software available, including plugins from Slate Digital, iZotope, FabFilter, Celemony, Native Instruments, Vienna Symphonic, ValhallaDSP, and many others.
For mixing examples, all music featured on the
Artists page was mixed at Mosaic Studios.


  • Mastering: $45 Per Track

Mastering services are carried out in Samplitude Pro X3, using a combination of digital and analog tools. Mastering is first carried out on Genelec and Yamaha monitors in a carefully treated control room, and then tested for consistency on several sources including earbuds, several different kinds of headphones, phone and laptop speakers, and mono speakers.
For mastering examples, all music featured on the
Artists page was mastered at Mosaic Studios. To hear examples of mastered music which was mixed and tracked at a third-party studio, please click here.


  • Digital Orchestration: $10/Minute of Music, Per Instrument

Digital Orchestration services provide a realistic and affordable alternative for composers to realize their scores in the form of a recording. The client can provide a MIDI track, a Sibelius score, or a Finale score, and the score is then carefully programmed using some of the leading digital orchestration tools and sample libraries, including Vienna Symphonic Libraries, Vienna MIR Pro, Synthogy Ivory II, Native Instruments, and others. The final recording is one that is high quality and near-exact in its realism, serving as an indistinguishable alternative for most listeners.
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  • Music Advising/Editing: Basic Analysis and Evaluation - $75 Per Song

Thorough Analysis and Evaluation - $250 Per Song

As the author and creator of the Analytic Method of Songwriting and Production, and with a strong graduate-level academic background in music theory, counterpoint, Schenkerian analysis, harmonic analysis, production, and arranging, Mosaic (G. Wiederkehr) offers advising and editing services for songwriters, producers, and studios. As outlined in the book "The Analytic Method", upper-level music theory and analysis are generally uncommon considerations in the creation of popular music, but nonetheless provide powerful and useful insights in the creation and arrangement of a more effective song. The "Basic Analysis and Evaluation" includes an analysis of the formal structure, the harmonic progressions, large-scale melodic features, and instrumental arrangement. The "Thorough Analysis and Evaluation" also includes a detailed Schenkerian analysis and contrapuntal analysis, allowing for much finer editing and refinement.


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