Currently working as Professor of Studio Recording and co-Chair of Artist Development at the California College of Music in Pasadena, and as the owner of Mosaic Music, Mosaic is George Wiederkehr, Master of Arts in Music Theory with a focus in Recording Tech (University of Oregon), Bachelor of Arts in Music (Central Washington University). George Wiederkehr is a 15-year audio engineer and music producer, 20-year composer and songwriter, 22-year studio pianist, guitarist, drummer, bassist, music instructor, and author of "The Analytic Method: Comprehensive Theory for the Modern Songwriter and Producer".

As an experienced audio engineer for both popular and classical styles, producer for popular and electronic styles, songwriter of acoustic, progressive, indie, metal, and rock styles, and composer of academic music, game soundtracks, and film score compositions, Mosaic is all about combining established styles with broad experimentation, resulting in new sounds and styles from various popular and academic influences.


Photo courtesy of KayAnn Gamalinda @kgphotos